How to apply for a Try This minigrant

Yep, Try This will offer minigrants in 2021
The application deadline is June 17.  Start dreaming and planning!


This year has been different in so many ways. We had to cancel the 2020 conference because of COVID19.  


We don’t know yet if there will be a safe way to have an in-person 2021 conference. Stay tuned. But meanwhile, minigrants will be awarded in June.


On May 7 at 3 PM and May 21 at 3 PM, there will be Webinars for people who want to apply for minigrants.  You can just jump on the Zoom:

If you haven't read the main minigrant page, read that first: background information and lists of projects that have received grants.

Wouldn’t you like one of these stars to be your minigrant project? Apply for up to $3,000 for your healthy-community project!

Mini-grants by Year








 What do we need to do to be eligible?

  • Your project must make it easier for people in your community to eat healthy food or be physically active. Research has shown that physical activity and healthy food lower the risk of diabetes, heart disease, obesity, depression and many other chronic diseases.

  • You'll need a team of at least three like-minded people from your community who have agreed to work together on your project.  Try This minigrants are awarded to teams because, when more groups are invested in a project, its chances of success go up. They must represent at least three groups in your community.  They can represent a school, an organization, a church, business or public body, for instance.  No one-agency proposals will be funded.

100. great group shot close-up.jpg
  • Your team must include at least one potential leader, somebody who has not had the opportunity to help guide a project before. Try This minigrants are intended to help build the number of people actively working for a healthier community, so this is important.

  • You must inventory possible priorities for your community, using the Try This community checklist to review what’s already been done and prioritizing new projects. 

  • You must have a social distancing plan for your proposal. We hope the pandemic will be under control for most of the year, but we ask you to plan for the possibility that it will last longer than we hope.

  • You will need at least three letters of commitment.  These letters must go beyond simply endorsing your project. Each letter must tell specifically what that partner will contribute to the project. We use these letters to help us understand how much community support you have for your project. 

  • You must have a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is willing to hold the minigrant funds. The non-profit will act as your fiscal sponsor or fiscal agent. This is required for us to legally be able to provide grant funding to your team. 

  • After you submit, a team of judges will read and score your application. Here is the scoring sheet they will use.  Read it, so you know what they will be looking for.

What reports are required?

Here is an example of the grant reporting forms. Take a look.  It’s not hard if you keep up your statistics as you go along.

Where can I find a list of projects that have received minigrants?

Go to the main minigrant page. You'll find a lot more info there too.

OK! My project is eligible. How do I apply?  

You will need these tools as you fill out your application:


       The Survey Monkey online application makes it easy to submit. But there is one big hitch: Survey Monkey          will not let you close out your application, save it and come back and finish filling it out.

        You must put it all in at one sitting. 
        Grant applications usually aren’t completed in one sitting. Give yourself time to think about it and tweak.          We recommend downloading the PDF. Prepare your answers using that version, then,
when you’re ready,          cut and paste your answers into Survey Monkey. 

        That way you can relax, take your time, think about it, and when you’re ready, paste your application in,            hit submit, and it’s done!


  • At least three  SMART objectives for your project.  These are the objectives that will let you measure your success, so this is VERY important.  Everybody is not born knowing what a SMART objective is, but most funders now require them.  Here’s a helpful tutorial,  plus a link to a great SMARTgoals video. 

All applications must be submitted online, on Survey Monkey. Use the Pdf version first, then paste it into Survey Monkey and submit.


Here is the Survey Monkey application.  Use the PDF to take your time and revise it till you’re satisfied with it. Then paste it all into Survey Monkey and submit!

Here is the PDF application.  Download it so you can fill it out on your computer a bit at a

time. Or print it out. It’s for your draft.

The video tutorial is coming soon that will talk

you, page by page, through the application. For now,

check out this live webinar - the next one will be

coming May 21st!

The video tutorial

is coming soon.

In May, Try This will offer a Webinar to make it easier for you to apply. We'll send out the time and date and post it here and on the Try This facebook page. Meanwhile, if you have questions, contact 

If you have questions about the application process, email

If you want to brainstorm your idea, email

Good Luck!!