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Try This WV

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“Try This aims to help knock West Virginia off the top of the worst health lists, community by community, by building a statewide grassroots network of healthy-community leaders who expand opportunities for physical activity and/or healthy food in their communities."

To help make that happen, Try This:


  • offers minigrants to community teams for projects that expand physical activity, healthy food or active mindfulness in their communities

  • brings healthy-community leaders together to inspire each other and trade ideas both in-person and virtually, like at our annual Conference and our Regional Gatherings

  • supplies extensive "how to" information for project ideas, leadership training, grant writing, project management, and more

  • builds skills and confidence in emerging healthy-community leaders through minigrants, resources, connections, and support

  • maintains active social media to ensure our network stays connected

  • partners with a wide variety of like-minded organizations that can collaborate and multiply efforts statewide

Try This motto: "It's up to us!"
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