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Building a statewide grassroots network of West Virginians working for healthier communities .  
Connecting people ... trading ideas ... inspiring and helping each other  create a healthier West Virginia!

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347 teachers got trained to use mindful movement to help children lower stress and anxiety in the classroom, thanks to a grant Try This administered for the State Opioid Response. 

Read about it here.


This project came out of two Try This Online Connections paddling brainstorms:

Help us crowdsource a good list of paddling groups in West Virginia.

Click here to review a list and add any that are missing!

Two paddling brainstorms!

Watch these and eight other online Try This Online Connections sessions with more than 6,500 views in 2021.

How can we get more West Virginians out
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Hundreds of great recipes for 

healthy meals

on a budget. We

found 'em for you!

Try This partners can help you and your community: 
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