How to apply for a Try This Minigrant
Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Minigrants and NEW Youth Leadership Minigrants due October 6th!
  • Your project must make it easier for people in your community to eat healthy food or be physically active. Research has shown that physical activity and healthy food lower the risk of diabetes, heart disease, obesity, depression and many other chronic diseases.

  • Your team must include at least one potential leader, somebody who has not had the opportunity to help guide a project before. Try This minigrants are intended to help build the number of people actively working for a healthier community, so this is important.

  • You must have a "Plan B." If COVID unexpectedly prevents your project from moving forward, what might ?

  • You will need at least three Letters of Support. These letters must go beyond simply endorsing your project. Each letter must tell specifically what that partner will contribute to the project. We use these letters to help us understand how much community support you have for your project.

  • You must have a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is willing to receive and disperse the minigrant funds for your project. The non-profit will act as your fiscal sponsor or fiscal agent. This is required for us to legally be able to provide grant funding to your team. Try This has a cap of 10% for any administrative fees associated for all grant and contract funding, sometimes called an F&A (facilities and administrative) rate.

You will need these tools as you fill out your application:

  • A consultation. Not sure if your project fits our criteria? Want to brainstorm your idea and get feedback directly from Try This? The BEST way to craft a quality application is to speak with someone who creates and reads them. Scroll to the form at the bottom of this page for more info.

  • A download of the Try This WV Minigrant Packet. It has all the information you need to complete the application process. This document contains all relevant links, a pre-application checklist, and examples of the documents you will be asked to submit. Please read through this page and the packet in its entirety before applying!

  • At least three SMART Objectives for your project. These are the objectives that you will use to measure your success, so this is VERY important. SMART Objectives can be tricky, but most funders now require them in one form or another. Here’s a helpful guide​ to help you learn to craft good ones.​

  • A budget. Download the Try This Budget Template for your project. Complete the budget using the instructions included. You can look at an example here. You will be asked to upload your completed budget with the application.

  • The Try This checklist. This tool will help you inventory what's already happening in your community and how your project fits in. Here is a PDF version of the checklist to review with your team before applying. This is a requirement for every application, but should be a fun brainstorming experience for your team. When you're ready, fill out the Try This Checklist on Survey Monkey.

  • The Try This WV Good Example Contract. This helps your team ensure you're changing the culture of health for yourselves, too. Download this Contract and upload it with your online application.

All applications must be submitted online thrugh Survey Monkey. Prepare all attachments in advance. Use the PDF version to prepare your answers, then paste them into Survey Monkey and submit.
  • Survey Monkey does not allow you to save and return to an application. Please make sure you have everything you need before clicking the button.

  • Have all attachments ready to upload to Survey Monkey.

  • Use the PDF to take your time and revise it till you’re satisfied with it. Then paste it all into Survey Monkey at once.

  • Celebrate! Submitting a minigrant application is a big achievement. Even if Try This is unable to fund your project, you've put together a team and an idea, found supporting partners who are excited about it, and have a better sense of what is already happening in your community. Be proud of yourself and your team.

  • A team reviews applications. After you submit, a team of judges will read and score your application. This review team is made up of Try This staff members and supporting partners. Here is the scoring sheet they will use. This will help you know what they will be looking for.

  • You'll hear from us. You should know by midnight on October 20th whether your project will be funded or not. If it is, we will follow up with an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) that outlines what your project will accomplish, what Try This will provide in return, and when your reports will be due.

  • Next steps. If your project isn't funded, we will offer a chance to set up a consultation to go over what the review team had to say. We want to give you the best chance to fix any issues so you can reapply in 2023 or help you find another way to fund your project. If your project is funded, you'll hear from your Minigrant Helper - someone who will be there to check in monthly, help you with roadblocks, and visit your project if possible - and we will post your project description to our minigrant page. Your project team will be added to our mailing list, you'll join our Facebook Group to share your progress, and you will be an active part of the network of folks working together to make WV a healthier place.

  • Midyear and Final Reports. If awarded a Try This WV Minigrant, you will be required to submit two reports. One will be a midyear progress report and one will be a report of your entire project year. Here is an example of the grant reporting forms.

  • Keeping track of information. Try This wants to ensure our projects are set up for success. This means planning for your reports before your project begins. If you would like support developing a way to keep track of your project's data, Try This is happy to help. We will offer the chance to join a Zoom call with other minigrant recipients to give advice and answer any questions your team.


We want to help! If you have questions about the application process or required documents, email

Get a consultation. We strongly encourage you to get feedback before applying, especially if this is your first time. If you would like to discuss your project idea and get advice, please fill out the form below.

Request a minigrant consultation with
Try This WV Director Brittney Barlett

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