Each year,Try This gives minigrants of up to $3,000 to local teams. Each team creates a project that make it easier for people to get healthy food or be physically active. 

The pandemic didn't stop us!  The 2021 deadline is June 17

Charleston Family Resource Center

Since 2014,  Try This has awarded more than

$750,000 to 347 teams in 50 counties.

Where can we get project ideas and inspiration?

Three great ways:

1. The original Try This Web site is a treasure chest of ideas and examples. Start with the index page and go from there!

2. Click the minigrant links below for county-by-county lists of projects teams have already done and to find contacts in your area.

3. Open the Try This Checklist and go through the checklist for your community. If you have a team, do it with your team. It's fun! You'll identify a lot that's already been done and get many ideas for next steps.  Here's more info on the checklist.

19-20 Putnam Paddling.jpg

The Putnam Paddling Project started with a Try This minigrant.

Click on the lists below to see  minigrant projects for all years, listed by county. Lots of ideas!
2019_2020 MG_ Clay county after school .
20-21 Asaland.jpg

            Clay afterschool hike

Barbour apple orchard


To be funded, your project must make it easier for people in your community get healthy food or be physically active

Try This funds projects that are likely to last

and grow in your community. No one-day or stand-alone events.

Within those guidelines, you choose your project and find your team.  

     Volunteers help build the West Teays Elementary greenhouse.

Who can apply?
  • Each project must be carried out by a team.  A team is at least three like-minded people from your community who have agreed to work together on your project. It can be anybody. You just need to convince us that you have what you need to get the job done. 

  • Each team must include people from at least three groups in your community. A group can be a church, school, business, government office, a Boy Scout troop, a neighborhood group or a less formal group.

  • Team members can be any age​, any education level. 

  • Your team must include somebody who is new to community teamwork.  Try This aims to help build community leadership. Being part of a Try This team is a great starting point for people who have never thought of themselves as community leaders. 

19-20 Copy of 11367044196_5.jpg
  • Everyone on the team contributes something specific. One person is the team leader. Maybe another person tills the garden, another organizes the volunteers.  Another donates fertilizer.  Etc.

  • Ideally, a team is a mix of experienced people who are used to collaborating and "newbies."  At least one person should be a "newbie" and others are mentoring.

So think about:

  • projects you'd like to do

  • what that project will need

  • who would be good to have on your team.

Think you'd like to give it a shot?

Want more specific info? 

Jump over to the "How to apply" page.

A Try This mini-grant gives you much more than money.

Your Try This grant gives you a great way to raise even more $$. It gives you a way to leverage. For instance, you can say to the county commission or city council, "Look at this grant we got! Can you match it?" Or to say to a local contractor, "Look what we got. Can you donate use of your bulldozer to level our playground?"  

Try This partners who work with food and healthy activity projects can help you.  Try This has many statewide partners who are glad to help local people with their projects. If you let us know what you need, a partner may be able to help.

You’ll improve your community leadership skills: It's a chance to polish

skills in grantwriting, team-building, leveraging funds, working with other organizations .

Hampshire County school garden team


Upshur trail volunteers

The Try This team can help you get past roadblocks.

Help can be an email away.

Your healthy-community team will help build  collaboration among groups in your community.

When several groups work as partners on a project, they feel more invested in it and are generally more likely to work together again.

Your team and project become part of a statewide movement of West Virginians working to knock our state off the top of the worst health lists.  That feels good!

closeup-organizing-session1-1024x693 (1)
Hamlin K-8 work day
Charleston Family Resource Center
Bridgeport Farmers Mkt POP Club-5
Ohio County hydroponics
Workplace wellness Active Southern WV
Clay County afterschool
19-20 Putnam Paddling Collaborative
Wheeling FunRaiser
Upshur Trails
Tai Chi Catalyst project

It's up to us!