Try This West Virginia is currently interviewing for THREE AmeriCorps placements for the 2021/2022 service year!


Try This has six Regional Networks across WV - Northern Panhandle, Mid-Ohio Valley, Central WV, Eastern Panhandle (NEW!), Kanawha Valley, and Southern WV (NEW!). Each needs an awesome AmeriCorps to network, organize, and learn about healthy-community work in those regions.

We have filled the AmeriCorps positions for Northern Panhandle, Central WV, Southern WV and are still searching for AmeriCorps to fill the Eastern Panhandle, Kanawha Valley, and Mid Ohio Valley positions.


Here is a job description. Please share this link with everyone you know who lives in these regions and refer any candidates! Email or text/call Laura Anderson at 304-226-2288 for more information

Placement Description

A year of service with Try This: You’ll help West Virginians get physically active, eat healthy food, and live healthier lives in your own community. You’ll be connecting people so they can collaborate on projects, trade ideas, and inspire each other, with the goal of knocking West Virginia off the worst health lists. It’s up to us!


Help with great healthy-community projects. You’ll be the helper for minigrant projects in your region, making sure they have at least one contact per month and a visit (virtually until safe) every two months, or as needed. Check out to learn about past minigrant projects.


Get to know people working for healthier communities in your area. In the age of COVID, this looks different, but Zoom has been instrumental in helping us connect, learn, and share. You’ll meet with minigrant teams, local organizations, and bring new people you meet into the Try This network.


Help make the Try This regional gathering in your area happen. With the help of the rest of the Try This team, you will do much of the organizing work to bring dozens of folks together - virtually until safe - to get folks talking and sharing in your Region.


Recruit healthy-community projects and leaders. You’ll help potential project groups learn how they can apply for a Try This minigrant project and encourage new leaders to put together a great proposal.


Media. Keep our social media updated with awesome things and opportunities happening in your Region, contribute to our Quarterly Newsletter, and find new opportunities for us to share.


Logistics. Try This will help you learn how to keep track of data and people, and stay on top of tasks. We have helpful programs and strategies that will help you develop organization skills.


Training. The Try This team wants you to leave your year of service with real skills that you can use to make a difference. The staff will help you learn about non-profits and how they work, grants and how to write them, and what becoming a community organizer means. Try This will also help you learn about subjects that interest you, such as social media and advertising, website development, photography, communication skills, fundraising, healthy living, and more.


Living Allowance. Full Time: $695.65 twice monthly, Half Time $276.17 twice monthly


Education Award. After successfully completing your AmeriCorps term of service and enrolling in the National Service Trust, you are eligible to receive the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award. You can use the award to repay qualified student loans and to pay current educational expenses at eligible institutions of higher education and training programs.


Interested? Email us at or call Laura Anderson at 304-226-2288.

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