Add to your trip.  Explore Fayette County!
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Come to Try This, and add a day before or after to explore!

Plan to spend extra time and explore Fayette County and other southern WV counties: kayaking, rafting, climbing, hiking ... and the new national park!

There is SO much to explore and enjoy. Check it out! Get ideas for your own area. and

Try This has arranged discounts for you! See below.

Here's a CNN Travel piece called "Here's what makes America's newest national park worthy of its upgrade."

And here's a handy review of Fayetteville-area meal options!


Arrowhead Bike Farm camping!

Lodging: Reserve your space now if you're staying over!

 We've checked out some options for you. Here's a chart  you can download that includes camping, motels and hotels.  Because of the new national park, motel/airbnb lodging in Fayetteville itself is tight. But there are great options in the easy-driving area. Reserve your space now! This area fills up fast.

If you like camping, it's a great low-cost, attractive option. Camp at the Fayette County Park, right at the conference site for $15 a night per person!  Or, if you want camping with more amenities - or if you're considering the Thursday night bike trip described below, consider camping at Arrowhead Bike Farm, a mile outside Fayetteville for $17. 

Motel/hotel prices vary, so use Expedia,, Travelosity or your favorite search site to get the best. We listed the prices we were given, but sometimes you can get a better deal via the Internet. If you find something we haven't listed, let us know!

We've arranged discounts for conference attendees who want to stay longer in the area and explore!
 People who register will receive information on discounts and how to claim them.


Adventures on the Gorge - a first-rate operation, offers great rafting, zipline, biking and other exciting adventures. Plus great food! Have fun reading about them!

Even if you don't win the doorprize of a free Adventures on the Gorge trip, every Try This conference attendee is offered discounts on 8/7 and 8/8, ranging from 10 to 25% on half-day Rapid Run rafting trips, Treetops zipline, and Timber Trek Adventure Park.  Info about how to sign up will be sent to each conference registrant.

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Arrowhead Bike Farm.

Arrowhead offers Try This attendees a 10% discount on all items in their extensive bike store, PLUS a special Thursday night bike clinic and scenic ride! See description below. Arrowhead

offers a fine




service, bike store ... and goats! A great home base for y0ur time in Fayette County.


ACE Adventure Resort

ACE has an exciting theme-park feel to its main campus, with a huge waterpark filled with large floating objects people love to climb on. See their Website for the full variety of their offerings.


ACE is offering Try This attendees a 20% discount on raft trips, zipline adventures, and discounts on all their activities, on August 4-6 and August 8 - 9. There are some limitations on Saturday events. Info on how to sign up will be sent to each conference registrant.

Thursday evening event

A very special mountain biking event, created by Arrowhead Bike Park for Try This attendees who want to come in the night before the conference and do something special.

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Arrowhead Bike Farm is partnering with Try This WV to provide an opportunity to explore the New River Gorge National Park on mountain bikes!

Following a warm-up skills session, we will ride out to Long Point, a bluff with the BEST view of the New River Gorge Bridge.

This is a beginner level mountain bike ride that will be just under 4 miles. Come try out mountain biking!  Cost: $30. 

We'll start at 5 and end by 8.  Our campground is open if you'd like to stay over with us for $17 per person per night. We have shower and restroom facilities, and our outdoor-eating restaurant, The Handle Bar, features a wide array of craft beers, teas, and kumbucha. You will enjoy our goats, in their spacious pen area.

Try This will send sign-up information to all conference registrants. We hope to see you!  

A great Thursday evening mountain bike ride to the gorgeous Long Point overlook.

Saturday event


For people who are interested in community farms and small farm buying collectives
See New Roots Community Farm close-up!
167 Wolf Creek Rd, Fayetteville, WV 25840
Saturday, August 7 /  11:30 - 1:00

Tour, overview and a chance to get your hands dirty.
You'll tour the farm, then, in exchange, actually help out!


"This 82-acre project offers access to locally grown food, an opportunity for businesses to begin or expand farming operations, vocational training for farmers, community garden space, and a local food distribution site.


In 2016, the Whitlock Farm was purchased by the Fayette County Farmland Protection Board. In 2019, work began at the farm to preserve the land for agricultural use and create opportunities to advance the food and farm economy in Fayette County. We changed the name to New Roots Community Farm and re-branded the project to reflect our values."         Read more at

For people who are interested in promoting small farming and a fresh food network in WV, this will be a valuable experience. Your host, farm manager Susanna Wheeler, will be at the Try This conference Friday to talk about the Turnrow Farm Collective that helps New Roots get its produce to market.  Meet her then and actually visit the farm Saturday. Susanna says to bring some water (and food if need be) and don't wear anything you wouldn't want to get dirty.


An adventure for
two - rafting, ziplining,
or your choice -
at Adventures on the Gorge~